Friday, January 23, 2015

Rest In Pieces: The AMASS Gallery

 The moment I knew that the demolition was going down, I stopped everything I was doing and headed over to the Funk Zone. There was green fencing all over the block, tractors, guys with sunglasses and hard hats. I peeked through every hole on the green fencing, I saw a bunch of pieces of wood, wood chips, nails and dirt. Then I spotted this bad boy. Just a section of the ol' Ranchero skull I painted last February. I swear it was the only piece of art that I saw in all the piles of wood chips. I had to take it. I walked in the construction site, talked to the big homie with the cowboy hat and got this piece out of there. 

The AMASS Gallery was a big part of the Santa Barbara art scene. It gave aspiring artists to express themselves however they wanted with public art. To me? There were no rules. Thanks to Laura Inks and all the artists in sb who let me be a part if this. Now, I am fortunate enough to keep that part of history with me forever.

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