Friday, November 7, 2014

Bay Area Tattoo Convention 2014

A little late on this post but I still thought I'd share a great weekend I had in the Bay Area a couple weekends ago. The Bay Area Tattoo Convention is like no other convention, there is no beer fest, contests, live entertainment, no celebrity appearances, just good tattoos. It's a three day event to honor Custom Tattooing by world class tattooers. For Tattooers by Tattooers. I also had the privilege to take Grime's first seminar on style and creativity. The entire weekend was a great learning and inspiring experience. I look forward to keep tattooing and pushing art. Thanks for looking, enjoy!


  1. Hey dear, this convention seems so fun. I love all these tattoos. I also have a tattoo on my right arm. Anyway, I also have to arrange a business convention and I would like to host a dinner party too after the convention. I wonder if you could suggest some company party ideas for me!!

  2. There is also the 'carrier' in the tattoo ink that are being used to sent the pigment under the skin. Tattooarm