Saturday, December 28, 2013

Santa Barbara Independent

This month, the Santa Barbara Weekly Independent wrote a great article on the murals of Santa Barbara and the impact they have made, with the Funk Zone being open to all artists to paint what they choose, to programs for the youth to express their artistic side. This article brings you what artists in SB have been doing and what they plan to do with their art. Personally, I think it would be great to have more mural opportunities for anyone who is interested in it. Also, with rumors that the Funk Zone panels are being torn down to be turned into a hotel, another  spot like that (with rotating artists to paint something new every 6 months) would be beneficial for anyone trying to paint big and out doors. Because quite  frankly, Santa Barbara isnt too graffiti friendly. We need a place where kids and any aspiring artist can be free to create whatever they want for a simple photograph without have to deal with jail time, fines, having a record for just PAINTING. Society will always look at it as a crime, but with these murals coming up in SB, its definitely getting artists from all cultures involved, and its just beautiful. 

Happy Holidays Everyone! 

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