Monday, October 28, 2013

Bay Area Tattoo Convention

I had an epic weekend at the Bay Area Tattoo Convention. So many great artists, books, shirts, prints, tattooing, everywhere. Very overwhelming event, many legends attended this convention, like Jack Rudy, Freddy Corbin, Thom deVita, Shige and the list goes on. It was such an awesome experience.  Here is a recap of the day. Enjoy!

 Jeff Gogue working on a sick backpiece/sleeve

 Grime getting down on my copy of The Fingerwave Book

 Great watching Pacific Soul Tattoo work on this.

Chelsea of Mission Tattoo with a Mike Rubendall! 

 Great meeting Horitomo of State of Grace in San Jose. Also got a great book out! Monmon Cats get yours!!

 Tim Hendricks rocking bangers all day

Watching Shige and Tomo of Yellowblaze Tattoo in Japan was mindblowing! 

 Chuey Quintanar doin his thang!

Mike Rubendall, busy man and great Tattooer 

Also, we stopped by Goldfield's Tattoo in San Francisco to say waddup to our great friend and past co-tattooer Jonathan Valle. Good seeing you still rockin tha tradish homie!

Stop by this great shop in San Francisco (the oldest shop in the city) if youre in the area and get yourself a zapper! Tell them I sent you. 

Then we headed over to Oakland to visit our friend Noah Boyes. Awesome Tattooer. Epic Artist You can also find him at Goldfield's Tattoo Studio in San Francisco. Also does regular guest spots here at Mission Tattoo in Santa Barbara.

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